FREE PDF of Connie Huebner’s book Divine Mother Healing: Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Mind, Body, and Spirt. Contains over 26 Divine Mother vibrational healing tools you can use for your own personal vibrational energy healing.

Working with these Vibrational Healing Tools brings about deep healing as well as a profound connection to Divine Mother. Thousands of people world-wide have benefited from the use of these Tools in Connie’s sessions and classes.

FIVE FREE recordings from the Saturday Empowerment Series classes. These are two hour long deep energy healings on specific topics. You will receive the following five recordings.

How To Heal The Inner Child

Divine Mother will guide you into a deep healing for the wounded child within. She will give you a healing practice to continue until your inner child is whole.

Be Amazed at How Amazing You Are!

Let Divine Mother heal the pain that keeps a life bound to fear. Find the courage to choose out of the pain and create joy and happiness in its place.

Rooting Out Anxiety and Panic

Let Divine Mother continue to powerfully unmask the real you and give you the courage to come out of your cocoon and bless the world.

Babaji Talks on Truth and Practical Guidance

The Ascended Master Babaji will present his views on Truth and how to open to the practical guidance available from the Divine Source.

Eliminate Pain through the Power of Softening 

Divine Mother will teach you to see beyond the surface of life. The technique of Softening that she teaches heals the pain, anger, resentment and fear that is often buried deep inside. 


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