Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening and Healing in Journey of Transformation with Divine Mother

 Receive Weekly Guidance and Healing directly from Divine Mother as facilitated by Connie Huebner

New entry into Divine Mother’s Ascension Program with special bonus class, starting Sunday, July 2nd, 2023

Ascension is the full experience of your Oneness with God on all levels, physical as well as spiritual, mental and vibrational.

The physical body is maintained, but it becomes completely spiritualized. This marks the pinnacle of the evolution of your material existence. Your physical body is transmuted by filling it with Divine energies.

Ascension is a transformation at the cellular and atomic levels of your system. During this program, Light is infused into your cells daily by Divine Mother, facilitated by me. You are given homework exercises that change the way you approach life in your thinking and behavior. Ascension is the direction we are all headed.

In this powerful interactive program, you will learn about the ascension process and participate in it directly.

Connie Huebner

Facilitator of the Divine Mother

A Year of Vibrational Transformation


Divine Mother’s Ascension Program offers a spiritual approach for life’s difficult challenges. Every aspect of our lives whether it be our relationships, our health, our wealth, or our happiness and well-being has a corresponding vibration in our energy fields.

Often in life we try to address a challenge or problem on the surface level of life. However, if we don’t shift the blocks at the vibrational level we may not transform the situation permanently.

A special feature of this program in that every day you will receive a vibrational boost as Divine Mother and Connie focus attention by pouring light into your system via distant healing. This helps cleanse discordant energy from your energy field on an ongoing basis.

The Ascension Program offers weekly knowledge meetings that include a deep energy healing and wisdom from Divine Mother about the ascension process you are experiencing.

There is also an optional opportunity to participate in the weekly “homework” from Divine Mother to practice using various simple yet powerful methods to awaken your heart and mind to the Divine Presence within.

The membership is for one year so that members can gain the accumulative benefits of daily and weekly energy healing over an extended period of time. Members report many positive transformations in their lives including improved relations at home and at work, less stress, and being more empowered to deal with life challenges as well as profound understandings and awakenings on their spiritual path.

The Ascension Program not only offers a spiritual solution to overcoming life’s challenges, but a path to a deeper activation and experience with the Divine Power in our lives.

Here what long term Ascension Member, Pamela Saxena, has to say about the Ascension Program

Members of the Ascension Program report:


Increased Awakening


Greater well-being


Greater Divine Connection


Growing Inner Peace


Increased Self-love


More empowered

Benefits Even Without Attending Meetings

Some people even join primarily to receive the daily distant energy healings. You’ll receive a daily infusion of Divine Mother’s Divine Light directly into your cells. This program of daily submersion in Divine Love and Divine Grace continually raises your vibration to a higher level.

The Power of Distant Energy Healing

“These are not ordinary prayers that you are being brought in to every day. They are the prayers of Divine Mother. They are the intensity of focus of Divine Mother on you every day to transfigure your system, to create a Divine physical body so that as you walk around on this earth plane, you have access to all the power of good in the universe.” Divine Mother

What’s included in your Divine Mother Ascension Program Membership


Daily distant energy healings by Connie with Divine Mother.

Each and every day of the year – these deep healings keep your system immersed in Divine energy to consistently promote the power of your spiritual growth and progress.


Weekly Divine Mother knowledge meetings.

Each week the Ascension Program meets by Zoom or teleconference. You will receive a deep energy healing and Divine Mother’s latest wisdom.


Weekly homework from Divine Mother.

Homework excercises are provided on a weekly basis. Everyone that submits their homework report (optional) receives personal guidance and comments from Divine Mother.


Recordings of every weekly knowledge meeting

Can’t attend the meetings in real time? No worries, every week you will receive a recording of the knowledge meeting. You receive exactly the same benefit from the recording as the live session.


Transcripts of every weekly knowledge meetings

Every weekly knowledge meeting is transcribed and sent to you. Transcriptions including Divine Mother’s wisdom for the week and the homework reports from Divine Mother.


Knowledge about Ascension.

The most advanced knowledge about Ascension, the birth right of every human being will be given to you directly by Divine Mother each week.

 Weekly Knowledge Meeting


The weekly knowledge meeting takes place every Sunday from 5 PM to approximately 7 PM US Central Time. The meeting takes place on Zoom or by teleconference. A recording of the meeting is sent out the same evening so if you are not able to attend live you will have that evening or the next day depending on your time zone.

Each meeting follows the following structure.

Divine Mother Energy Healing: A deep vibrational energy healing from Divine Mother to clear you of any discordant energy.

Wisdom from Divine Mother: Divine Mother shares deep knowledge about your ascension and the process of spiritual evolution taking place in each of us and for our planet.

Reports on homework: Connie reads the homework reports and Divine Mother comments on each report.

Optional homework for next week: Divine Mother gives out the homework for the next week. You will be asked to work with Divine Mother’s vibrational tools like Divine Love and Divine Light.



FREE 90 minute class “How to use Divine Mother’s Vibrational Healing Tools”.  Connie Huebner will give you practical hands on instruction in how to use the Divine Mother’s Vibrational Tools to help heal a variety of situations in your life and other people’s lives.

FREE PDF of Connie Huebner’s book Divine Mother Healing: Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Mind, Body, and Spirt. Contains over 26 Divine Mother vibrational healing tools you can use for your own personal vibrational energy healing.

Working with these Vibrational Healing Tools brings about deep healing as well as a profound connection to Divine Mother. Thousands of people world-wide have benefited from the use of these Tools in Connie’s sessions and classes.

FIVE FREE recordings from the Saturday Empowerment Series classes. These are two hour long deep energy healings on specific topics. You will receive the following five recordings.

How To Heal The Inner Child

Divine Mother will guide you into a deep healing for the wounded child within. She will give you a healing practice to continue until your inner child is whole.

Be Amazed at How Amazing You Are!

Let Divine Mother heal the pain that keeps a life bound to fear. Find the courage to choose out of the pain and create joy and happiness in its place.

Rooting Out Anxiety and Panic

Let Divine Mother continue to powerfully unmask the real you and give you the courage to come out of your cocoon and bless the world.

Babaji Talks on Truth and Practical Guidance

The Ascended Master Babaji will present his views on Truth and how to open to the practical guidance available from the Divine Source.

Eliminate Pain through the Power of Softening 

Divine Mother will teach you to see beyond the surface of life. The technique of Softening that she teaches heals the pain, anger, resentment and fear that is often buried deep inside. 

What our members are saying

For me, the Ascension Program is a weekly reminder that Divine Mother is active in my life. There is always a healing, and a “homework” assignment to strengthen my feeling of Divine Unity. Divine Mother review the homework that is submitted, and makes comments. These comments include encouragement, and Divine Mother’s thankfulness for each answer. One of the things I appreciate the most, is that Divine Mother is supportive of everyone. There are no “right or wrong” answers. There is an understanding of how much we each are loved, and appreciated. There are many ways to move forward on the Spiritual Path. The Ascension Program is personal and fulfilling for me, as it may be for others. 

Marsha Anne Hood

I have consciously been on a spiritual path for 50 years. The last 2 years in the Ascension Program, and taking over 20 Saturday Workshop Sessions with Divine Mother, have ACCELERATED my growth like nothing before. I have been learning to fully EMBODY Divine Love, Divine Silence, Divine Harmony every single day. Spirituality has become more immediate, more tangible, more real inwardly AND outwardly. I cannot describe how GRATEFUL this has made me.


Connie is a generous and inspiring facilitator, giving precious voice and presence to Divine Mother. She also unveils bridges between Earthly and Divine Company. The invaluable healing tools, weekly assignments and feedback allow for a gradual opening and sounding of One’s heart, depths, awareness, light, connectedness, wholeness… up, down, and all around!! Gratitude for insight into this lovingly ascending and mysterious dance of Creation.


I’ve grown a lot through Divine Mother’s Ascension Program. The weekly optional homework assignment feels aligned to my personal, and the group’s current spiritual-work needs. Listening to other student’s experiences, through the reading of homework is informative, and it deepens, and brings the knowledge home. The weekly live Ascension Program session with Divine Mother is healing, and is a source of knowledge. Another part of the Ascension program that I call the “daily dip,” is a prayer for each student from Mother. The Ascension Program helps me touch base, expand, and maintain the momentum of my spiritual life. Mother’s Ascension Program is like the cherry atop my spiritual sundae.


This program is coming from great depth and sincerity. It is all about the transforming power of love. It is a very palpable experience of greater and greater good coming in so many different forms. The program also offers a wonderful format for members to enjoy Connie’s ongoing conversation with Mother God and personally participate in it.

June Oliver

Thank you for healing and transforming the impossible difficulties in my life. Thank you for helping me experience the beautiful and mighty power of Divine Grace. Thank you for teaching me how to be in this world. Thank you for the Ascension Program. I love you, Ma.

Sue kuivanen

I have so enjoyed being a part of this international group of Divine Mother followers in the Ascension Program. Each week we experience a clearing and healing of every part of our being, and receive guidance from Divine Mother.

I enjoy the weekly homework giving us something concrete to focus on and report back. And Divine Mother always responds to each homework report with useful advice. This is a wonderful program.

Helen Charters, New Zealand

I debated whether to do the Ascension program a second time. I waited a few weeks before renewing my membership. During these weeks, life got noticeably more difficult. Any thoughts I had about whether or not this program is worth it are gone. 

Roberta Cahill

I have been enjoying the Ascension Program for almost 10 years. My favorite part of the Program is the weekly “homework assignment.” Each week I am given the opportunity to grow as I work the homework..softening into myself and/or the world. Sometimes I am guided to use a specific Divine Mother Tool or sometimes just simply softening into some aspect of the world situation that needs attention. Over the years I have collected quite a few of the Healing Tools and now use them as needed. All the homework is uplifting and takes only minutes a day.  Divine Mother’s influence is quite lively.


About Connie Huebner

I have developed a personal relationship with Divine Mother. I converse with Her all of the time. It is the most powerful, passionate and loving experience I have ever known. I want to help others develop this Divine Relationship. I have created simple tools and techniques to help you enter into your own very personal relationship with Divine Mother. The verbal vibrational healing methods that I developed to get to know Divine Mother are called Divine Mother Healing Tools.

I now live in Fairfield, Iowa with my husband. We have 2 children. I completed a BA degree in Political Science, and an MA in Research In Consciousness. I’m also an Ordained Minister. Because of my close association with Divine Mother I have founded a church in her name, Divine Mother Church.

Since 1999 I have been teaching energy healing classes and giving private consultations in partnership with Divine Mother, bringing her transforming wisdom and guidance to thousands of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long is the Ascension Program Membership?

The Ascension Program is an ongoing membership. You can stay it in for as long as you wish and you may leave at any time. It’s recommended to say in the program for at least one year to get the full benefits.

Q. When does the weekly knowledge meeting take place?

Every Sunday at 5 PM till approximately 7 PM US Central Time.

Q. How do I attend the live classes?

You can attend either by Zoom video conference or by teleconference.

Q. What if I can’t attend live. Do I still get all the benefit of this membership?

Yes Absolutely. You will receive recordings and transcripts of all live meetings. The benefits are exactly the same as attending live.

Q. What constitutes a family for the family membership?

A couple or single parent and their children living at home or in college.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction with with Divine Mother Guidance and Healing and this course is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee. The deadline to receive a full refund is August 2nd, 2023. To request a refund, please email us at . Refunds will be processed within ten business days. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there’s something we can assist you with, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help! 

Q. How do I contact customer support?

Use the form below or email When you register you will be given a customer support email also.


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Single Membership

$350 annual plan or $35 monthly plan

Couple Membership

$450 annual plan or $45 monthly plan

Family Membership

$575 annual plan or $55 monthly plan

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